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Une Fille de Septembre

Musique du dimanche soir....Transvision Vamp

17 Août 2008, 15:00pm

Publié par Sandra Elle

Velveteen  Transvision Vamp

Once I could have held you
And never let you go
Now I see you calling me back
And I really do not know
"Velveteen, I want you back."
Things change and people change
And my mind just gets hazy
I truly thought I knew you
How wrong can you be
"Velveteen, I want you back."
Velveteen, Velveteen
Velveteen, Velveteen, Velveteen
Well it's been a while
And things have been wild
But I've learnt to smile
Yeah now I smile
I can't spend my life
Waiting to get hurt
When you pay the price
You own the dirt
But I still think of you
Yeah I think of you
Think of you
Do you think of me
Think of me
Like I think of you
Well the days go by
And the wheels still turn
When the night comes down
The fire still burns
And the mind is strong
But the heart it yearns
Then the pain was gone
But it's now returned
"Velveteen, I want you back.
Velveteen, I want you back."
It was deep in the night
When he came through my door
He came to my room
At the end of the hall
He lent over the bed
And kissed my forehead
He brushed the hair from my eyes
And then began to slide...
Slide his hand down
Underneath the sheets
'Till he reached my waist
He didn't waste no time
He put his hand on my thigh
He put his thoughts in my mind
And I drowned in his eyes
As we began to slide...
Then he whispered soft
Like the sea in a shell
"Yeah I been away
Where I been I can't tell
But I got something for you
Yeah it's a memory
Hey Velveteen
Do you remember me..."
"Hey yeah I remember
I remember you
Hey yeah I remember
Remember you"
"You know I really want you
Yeah I love you too
You know I really want you
"But you don't really love me
I know you say you do
But you never really loved me
Loved me true."
"I swear I really love you
I swear I want you too
I swear I really love you
Velveteen, Velveteen
Velveteen, Velveteen
Now the past is back
Knocking on my door
Breathing passion
Declaring all
Shining like a ring
With a hidden curse
Sayin' the same things
Just in different words
"I want you back."
"I want you back."
Velveteen, Velveteen
Velveteen, Velveteen
Velveteen, Velveteen
Velveteen, Velveteen
Velveteen, Velveteen
I'm here for you
Always yours
You will be mine
Until the day..."


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